Delicious World - Cooking Restaurant Game - Apps on Google Play 4 days ago Play a FREE, brand new Delicious cooking adventure! Join Emily, a young and determined aspiring chef, as she begins her exciting journey to achieve her lifelong dream 👩‍🍳. A compelling story around the world baked with the most delicious ingredients: a spoonful of love, a pinch of friendship and a whole lot of fun! 💃Discover original and stunning hand-drawn restaurants in every chapter. Cook, serve and learn new recipes as you make your customers happy happy and become the world’s greatest chef! 🍽️ Combine several ingredients in a dash and survive the kitchen craze before your hungry customers leave. Upgrade dozens of kitchen appliances and improve the restaurant to beat all the challenges!🛫 JOURNEY AROUND THE WORLD 🛬♡ Travel to exotic locations and master their most signature dishes.♡ Take an amazing journey to Paris, Mumbai, Tokyo, and many more world-famous cities.♡ Cook in a wide range of places, from small chocolateries to busy Italian trattorias.💌 EXCITING STORY 💌♡ Enjoy a compelling and addictive romantic comedy.♡ Meet all kinds of interesting characters and discover their unique personalities: mentors, rivals, love interests and much more!♡ Get invested in the story of a strong and independent young woman.⏱ FUN & FRANTIC GAMEPLAY ⏱♡ Combine ingredients to find the perfect recipe in addictively fun levels.♡ Surprise your customers with the most tasty-looking food.♡ Use your time management skills to serve every possible order.🍳 STRATEGIC POWER-UPS 🍳♡ Upgrade your kitchen with new appliances and decorations.♡ Use powerful boosters at key times to obtain amazing effects.♡ Meet different objectives in every level and change your play accordingly.⭐ ENGAGING PROGRESSION ⭐♡ Beat levels to get mittens and progress on your journey to become a great chef.♡ Unlock new challenges and special mechanics in every restaurant.♡ Get all-new episodes of this ongoing story with every update, just like your favorite TV shows.Will Emily become a great chef? Will she find her true love? Find out in this fresh romantic restaurant game!Want to get to know all of our games?Follow us on Facebook:

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